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2016 hackathon

Hosted at Communitech in 2016, NASA Space Apps Waterloo attracted 110 competitors, $11,400 in cash sponsorship, $6,500 in-kind sponsorship, and nearly 500 volunteered hours. This year’s event is expected to bring 150 competitors.

A look at 2016


2016 Stats

 91% Students

91% Students

Software Dev.jpg

63% Software Developer

72% University of Waterloo


22% Entrepreneur

21 Projects

               Avg Group Size: 3.4

Average group size 3.4

       Rochers Consumed: 2740

2740 Rochers Consumed

     7 Free CO Domains Claimed

7 Free .CO Domains Claimed


Challenges from last year

Designed by NASA and the European Space Agency, last year's challenges focused on real-world design challenges, and on making our planet and universe accessible, visual, and fun to explore. 

2016 Challenges


Past Partners

Interested in sponsorship for Space Apps Waterloo 2017? We're looking for individuals and organisations who would like to provide food, technology, hardware, software, in kind sponsorships, or sign up for one of our sponsorship packages.


Past Mentors

Interested in providing mentorship at this year's event?