sentinel2a - circle.png


Provider: ESA


  • Bands: Coastal Aerosol, Blue, Green, Red, NIR, Vegetation Red Edge (4 bands), Cirrus,  Water Vapour, Short Wavelength IR (2 bands)
  • Resolution: 10m, 20m, 60m
  • Revisit: 5 days (Sentinel 2A & 2B)

Launch Date: June 23, 2015 (Sentinel-2B April 2017)

Description: Sentinel-2 produces high resolution multispectral optical imagery. This satellite examines our planet using 13 distinct bands, three of which focus specifically on the "red edge" part of the spectrum. This is the first optical satellite to have 3 bands in the red edge, and is particularly useful for examining vegetation. Taking lessons learned from both USGS's Landsat and France's SPOT -- the Sentinel-2 mission will provide 1Terabyte per day of new Earth observation data.