Instant access to Earth observation intelligence

SkyWatch provides a digital infrastructure for the distribution of Earth observation data and derived intelligence providing application developers with a single access point to the world’s best Earth observation data and advanced processing algorithms.


How it works

SkyWatch EarthCache is a cloud-based platform with comprehensive APIs to facilitate machine-to-machine integration, informative dashboards to monitor usage, and an easy-to-use code builder to rapidly develop associated applications. Adopting EarthCache into your development environment eliminates the need for multiple integration points, legal contracts, pricing and payment models, and costly multi-point searches. Instead, EarthCache allows the development teams to focus on the business application and in delivering actionable intelligence to the end-user.


Instant, affordable access to the world’s best Earth observation data

By aggregating Earth observation data from several industry-leading sources into a single platform, EarthCache provides your team with the ability to cut on costs, simplify your pipelines, and create a reliable stream of actionable intelligence for your company. With its simple “pay-as-you-use” model, integrating EarthCache into your infrastructure drastically reduces data purchasing costs, entirely eliminating technical, legal, and accounting costs associated with dealing with multiple vendors.


Immediate insights from Earth observation data

Easily access some of the most advanced post-processing options through EarthCache. The platform supports the set-up of flexible output configurations, such as delimiting exact areas of interest to the square kilometer, adjustable requirements on data — including resolution range, maximum cloud coverage, preferred bands —, as well as a large catalogue of advanced data processing algorithms. Earth observation intelligence has never been this accessible.


Built for developers

The Earth observation data you need can be easily accessed through an API for effortless integration into any development environment. EarthCache also offers an intuitive code builder to help you configure your data parameters and will provide you with the correct API calls to be copied into your application to help you rapidly build and deploy applications that make use remote-sensing data and derived information.


Other features


Multiple input format


GeoJSON, KML, or coordinates


Standard output format

Standard GeoTIFF output format, regardless of the data source



Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM EST


Quick and easy retrieval

Set your pipelines and be notified when your data is ready for retrieval


Admin controls

Controls, usage, billing, and more in your dashboard


Archival and future data options

Set your pipeline to deliver archival and/or future data


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