Are you a student, a professor, or a researcher? The SkyWatch academic program has been created to help you benefit from SkyWatch's extensive dataset collection for free for research or education purposes. Simply fill out the form below to be enrolled in the program and someone from our team will contact you shortly.

The program

Our mission is to enable a new era in space data consumption by providing easy access to satellite data through an ecosystem of industry leading sources available via an intuitive and dependable platform, SkyWatch EarthCache™.  While our platform has been designed to help developers create commercially viable applications, we also want to provide educators and researchers with a reliable and easy way to access to Earth observation data. We understand the financial constraints you are under and are happy to open EarthCache™ to students and professors for free. If you planned on using SkyWatch data for your research, we can provide you with extremely discounted rates. Contact us to learn more. 

What you will get


+ Free access to SkyWatch EarthCache™ 

+ Open data: 50 GB download / month - completely free

+ Unlimited search queries

+ Access to a large variety of free post-processing options



Right now, there's a long line for EarthCache for open data. Get on the waitlist and hang tight as we make more room.

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More information


Who is eligible for the program?

You can apply to the SkyWatch academic and research program if you are a student, a researcher, technical staff or faculty at a school, college, or university.

Do each of my students have to apply individually?

If you are a professor or teacher looking into using SkyWatch for education purposes, simply contact us with a list of students and their contact info and we can provide everyone with their personal key. We recommend giving everyone a separate key so they can all benefit from the 50GB of free downloadable open data every month.

How can I use this data?

Program applicants have access to view and download imagery for non-commercial research purposes. Downloaded data can be used in any published content. We do however ask you mention SkyWatch when doing so. If the publication is online, please link back to our website.

How can I cite SkyWatch in my research?

Please mention that the data was obtained through SkyWatch. If you used our API, please also mention it. If the publication is online or if you are quoted in a blog, or online publication, please link back to our website ( whenever possible. If you need additional info, please contact [email protected]