Delivering intelligence from space

The number of satellites observing our planet is growing exponentially. And each of these instruments are creating their own unique dataset. Getting access to many of these catalogues is expensive and time-consuming. And once access is achieved, is it difficult to integrate data from multiple sources into one system. But... the best analytics happen when large volumes of data can be correlated and compared.


SkyWatch Data Marketplace


Looking for one specific shot or set of satellite data? Thanks to the SkyWatch Data Marketplace you can now focus on your project without worrying about finding the right satellite vendor. Simply send us your request and our team of experts will help you define requirements to provide you with the right set of data for your needs.

+ One place to purchase all of your  commercial data

+ Fast, simple, efficient

+ Tasking available

SkyWatch API


The SkyWatch API ensures that finding the remote sensing data is no longer the most difficult part of your project. It is now easier to start doing things like projecting crop yield, estimating retailer revenue, and creating hundreds of other applications. Use the SkyWatch API to build the next world-changing application and unlock what was previously unimaginable.

+ Most convenient way to create an application using satellite data

+ Full API documentation 

+ Developer support


Explore our datasets


At SkyWatch we came out with this radical idea of opening satellite data to the world. From open to commercial, from visible imagery to SAR, we want to be the one destination for all satellite data needs and we work tirelessly everday to add new partners to our list of available satellites.

+ Large collection

+ Multiple commercial data sources

+ Sensor data and imagery available