Gibson desert, Australia

 The Gibson desert in Australia shows a vivid range of yellow and red colours, with numerous valleys and crevices.

The Gibson Desert covers a large dry area in the state of Western Australia and is still largely in an almost "pristine" state. The desert contains extensive areas of undulating red sand plains and dunefields, low rocky/gravelly ridges, and several salt-water lakes.

In much of the region, especially the drier western portion, the majority of people living in the area are Indigenous Australians. In 1984, due to a severe drought which had dried up all of the springs and depleted the bush foods, a group of the Pintupi people who were living a traditional semi-nomadic desert-dwelling life, walked out of a remote wilderness in the central-eastern portion of the Gibson Desert and made contact for the first time with Australian society; perhaps the last uncontacted tribe in Australia.

The image was taken by Sentinel 2 (Copernicus program) in June 2017.